In the Moment

Decision-Making is More than Bravado

Social media provides plenty of fodder for blogger intros and pastoral sermon illustrations. I was reading someone’s posts a while ago in response to a police officer who froze up on the job. The writer commented that if they were faced with that situation, their response would be too quick and decisive to give them the chance to freeze up. Sometime later, that person was faced with a real-life situation where they did exactly what most people without training for such situations do – they ducked for cover and stayed hidden until the danger was gone.


Leaders: Trust is Your Responsibility

Trust, as they say, is one of those things that takes a long time to get and an instant to lose. Are you worried about the level of trust your people have in you? Guess what? It’s your responsibility to create a culture where you are trusted to lead and you trust your staff to accomplish the mission of the organization.