Honorable Mentions Deserve Honorable Actions

In a small Tennessee town is a road with several signs that read “In honor of ______ veterans.” Each sign designates a different branch of the US Armed Services. The implication is that from one sign to the next, the roadway past the sign is dedicated in honor of veterans who served in that particular branch of the service. The idea is commendable, honorable even – if the road conditions matched the perceived honor the signs intended to convey. Instead, the road is bumpy, part of it follows a sharp curve, trees are low hanging over the roadway, and the aesthetic of the road and surrounding area leaves something less than honorable in the minds of those driving by.


Leaders Choose the Difficult Path

Dillon co-founded Relevant Hope with Jimmy and co-authored Faith Acts with Jimmy. He serves an international ministry based in Chattanooga.

I started running at the age of 38. I could not finish one mile without walking on the first day. But I kept trying, extending my mileage a bit more each run. Within a few months I was running a few hours at a time and started looking for an endurance race to attempt the next summer.


I Love Tennessee and the Bible


Tennessee:  We have beautiful mountains, Southern hospitality, a church on every corner, and sweet tea. The state where we don’t pay income tax, our vehicle tag renewal is among the least expensive in the nation, and the requirements for a carry permit are stringent enough that I can legally carry in 38 states. By far I think Tennessee is the greatest state in the union.