If That’s What You Say, Then That’s What We Say

Growing up I was a beanpole of a person. I was a lanky 6’ tall and 160lbs by the time I was in middle school. If I was picked on for my weight or size, it was because I was too small. That isn’t the story anymore. Near the end of my time in the Marine Corps, I gained a lot of weight. I went through several surgeries that left me on bed rest for almost a year. When I wasn’t at home recovering from surgery, I was working with very limited restrictions. By the time I got out of the Marine Corps I weighed an incredible 250lbs. I never thought I could be so heavy, but there I was.



Emotional Intelligence and Why It Matters

I bet when you were growing up, and maybe even to this day, you’ve been told that you have to be smarter (IQ) if you want to make it in life. Social media sites are flush with various tests you can take to determine how smart you are. But what researchers have discovered is that your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), while important, is not the sine quo non of your success. Something more primal in your brain will take you farther than what you learned in a book.

Emotional Intelligenceand why it matters