Stop Setting Realistic Goals

When you were in high school or college you learned the SMART acronym for goal setting. Your goals are supposed to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable (or Agreed Upon), Realistic, and Time-bound. SMART goals are still taught in schools, seminars, and other places as the standard model for goal setting. The most innovation SMART goals have encountered in decades is where an extra ER was added to the back end to make SMARTER goals, which includes ethical and recorded.


What If We Stopped What Iffing?

“What if” is probably the most overused phrase for people who aren’t actually going to do anything. We think we are to using it proactively to anticipate possible problems, but we know we can’t predict every possible “what if” scenario. We use it to pontificate other people who aren’t doing something without any thought to the fact that when asking “what if?” the person asking isn’t doing anything about it either. So, what if we stopped what iffing and actually did something?



“The” Cause of Homelessness


I like to do word association questions with people when I interview them. By that I mean that I provide a word and the interviewee responds with the first thing that comes to mind.

I enjoy it because it gives me a lot of information about the person without them knowing what I really want. There truly is no right or wrong answer with me on word association. (more…)