I didn’t seek leadership…it found me.

by S. Michael Houdmann

I did not choose leadership. In fact, my personality is such that I would rather be left alone so I can get my work done. Having to instruct, guide, encourage, and lead other people is, to me, often a distraction. My goal is to work hard, to be honest, and to have integrity. I have found that when you do those things, leadership seems to find its way to you. Since I am definitely not willing to slack on those goals, I have become content with the fact that I am a leader.


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I once told myself I’d never be the guy who said, “Just 5 minutes a day can change your life.”  It sounded like a stupid advertising adage made up by unscrupulous salespeople who wanted to market some terrible product to lazy people.  Unfortunately, I now have to eat my words because I have seen firsthand how making intentional use of 5-minute windows of time, or “intervals” as I like to call them, can make a big difference in our lives.


Leaders Choose the Difficult Path

Dillon co-founded Relevant Hope with Jimmy and co-authored Faith Acts with Jimmy. He serves an international ministry based in Chattanooga.

I started running at the age of 38. I could not finish one mile without walking on the first day. But I kept trying, extending my mileage a bit more each run. Within a few months I was running a few hours at a time and started looking for an endurance race to attempt the next summer.