Leaving the Office

How a Normal Day is an Extraordinary Tragedy

I gathered my coat and briefcase, locked the door to my office, and walked out the front door of the building. I finished another day of work. The day wasn’t extraordinary. If anything, it was a normal day, but something happened that made me reconsider what a normal day at the office looks like.


Water is Just as Thick as Blood

I tell people that I work on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to get out of attending family events. My family likes to have a Thanksgiving get together and my wife’s family does a big Christmas Eve event. An encounter this year, however, ruined that story, and I’m thrilled about it.


(Photo Credit: Chattanooga Community Kitchen).


“The” Cause of Homelessness


I like to do word association questions with people when I interview them. By that I mean that I provide a word and the interviewee responds with the first thing that comes to mind.

I enjoy it because it gives me a lot of information about the person without them knowing what I really want. There truly is no right or wrong answer with me on word association. (more…)