Why Independence Day Still Matters

Do you remember learning about the American revolution in grade school? I remember hearing stories about tea thrown into the water, a guy riding through town on a horse yelling, and some guy’s signature was a big deal. The idea of American independence from England was subject matter I learned in school. Growing up, I often wondered why we still made such a big deal out of it since we are so far removed from foreign rule.


Healing a Broken Nation

Your Leadership is the Answer

The revolutionary war gave the United States of America the freedom she professed in the Declaration of Independence. On our 241st birthday as a sovereign nation, the freedoms we enjoy are still a reason to celebrate. The division in our country, however, is nothing to celebrate. You, the leader of people, have the opportunity and an obligation to bridge the divide.


God’s Plan, Not Mine

Leadership Isn't Something You Have To Seek

This time last year, I was just a firefighter. Now, I’m leading change across the state of Tennessee, advocating for people with special needs, and training first responders to recognize and more effectively interact with people with special needs in emergency situations. I didn’t ask for leadership, leadership was given to me – and that might be your situation too.

Noah and Cinna


God Helps Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

We have a lot of axioms in America that sound good from an Americanized Christianity but have no basis in truth. One common phrase I hear is, “God only helps those who help themselves.” Or I’ve even heard it, “God always helps those who help themselves.” Either way, this is presented, it is entirely wrong and damaging if it determines how we respond to people.



Leaving the Office

How a Normal Day is an Extraordinary Tragedy

I gathered my coat and briefcase, locked the door to my office, and walked out the front door of the building. I finished another day of work. The day wasn’t extraordinary. If anything, it was a normal day, but something happened that made me reconsider what a normal day at the office looks like.


Water is Just as Thick as Blood

I tell people that I work on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to get out of attending family events. My family likes to have a Thanksgiving get together and my wife’s family does a big Christmas Eve event. An encounter this year, however, ruined that story, and I’m thrilled about it.


(Photo Credit: Chattanooga Community Kitchen).