Why Independence Day Still Matters

Do you remember learning about the American revolution in grade school? I remember hearing stories about tea thrown into the water, a guy riding through town on a horse yelling, and some guy’s signature was a big deal. The idea of American independence from England was subject matter I learned in school. Growing up, I often wondered why we still made such a big deal out of it since we are so far removed from foreign rule.

I can’t understand, with my current life experience, what our forefathers faced in a British ruled American colony, but I do know that our independence is still a reason for us to celebrate:

  1. Traditions Matter: Whether we are waiting for dad to put the topper on the Christmas tree or we still have Sunday dinner at the table, traditions matter because it is part of our identity. Traditions represent who we are, and in the US we are independent people.
  2. Independence Matters: Autonomy is a staple of American living. Most people don’t even know what it means when they say, “Go ahead. It’s a free country.” The implications of being free are huge and something the rest of the world doesn’t enjoy to the level we have.
  3. America Matters: People around the world still want to know what America is doing. Our opinion matters, our styles influence others, and our freedom is still the dream many hope to grasp.

Keep celebrating our independence!

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